ZFN16-12 series indoor use Vacuum load switch

ZFN16-12 series indoor use AC high voltage load switch-(and the one combined with fuse)comply with the standards of IEC420(AC High Voltage Load Switch Fuse com-bined ELectrical Apparatus)(1990)and GB3804(3-63KV AC High Voltage Load Switch)ZFN16-12 series indoor use AC high voltage load switch is suitable in the system of 50Hz,12KV for breaking and making short circuit current,It prefers oper-ating under the site where has no oil,inspection and repair free and no need of frequent operation.
The switch has independent isolating breaks.low operating torque,the vacuum arc-extingui shing chamber,as client required,can be provided with porcelain or glass type.It is the ideal generation to avoid oil type switch
Indoor use Vacuum load switch (and the one with fuse)
ZFN21-12D/T630-20,ZFN21-12DR/T125-31.5type High voltage vacuum load switch are used in the system of 50Hz,12KV.Merits:compact structure,small volume,light weight,long life,high making and breaking capacity,safety and security.It comb-ined with fuse,can replace the replace the costly circuit breaker.Easy and convenient operation and maintenance.