HLD01 single-phase

Electromechanical Watt-hour Meters
HLD01 single-phase meter is designed to measure active energy in single-phase two-wire or three-wire altermating current power grids. Connection is direct or by instrument transformers. The meter is KEMA certified and the design can be tailored to different customer requirements.

High overloading capacity up to 500%Ib
Both indoor and outdoor installed meters are available
Stable aluminum alloy frame to ensure reliable characteristics
High quality AINiCo braking magnet to have stable rotor speed
Double jewel bearing or magnetic bearing is available
UV resistant printing on the nameplate and register
Simple compensation mechanisms to ensure flat load curve
Simple and reliable adjustment mechanisms
Voltage test link can be located inside or outside of the meter case
Unidirectional, jumping, metal drum type registers, or reverse running stopper is available upon request

technical data
Technical Date
Applicable standards IEC62053-11,IEC60521,BS5685
Power loss Less than 1W/6VA
Accuracy Class2
Outline dimension LWH Weather-proof meter :206.5145122mm
Protective-class :215122125mm
Installation dimension LW Weather-proof meter :14696mm
Protective-class :141105mm
Weight of meter 1.5~1.6kg

Voltage range 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
Reference frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Current range:
Transformer operated meters
Direct connected meters
CT/5A:1.5(6), 2.5(10)A, 3(12), 5(20), 10(40),
10(50), 15(60), 20(80), 30(100)A