HD68 single-phase

Electromechanical Watt-hour Meters
LD68 single-phase meters is designed to measure active energy in single-phase twowire alternating current power grids. Connection is direct or by instrument transformers. Both symmetrical and sequential connections are available. It is a reliable meter and has passed the reliability test of EPRI, China.

Long service life with MTTF of 25years
High overloading capacity up to 667%Ib
Backlite base and PC cover. The terminal block and meter base are integrative and
Complies to insulating protective class II
Braking magnets and meter frame are die-casted integrative to ensure stable property
High quality AlNiCo alloy magnetic bearing and self-lubricating graphite bearing. No lubrication of bearings is needed during the service life
The rotor shaft and worm is turned integrative to ensure proper mesh
Current coil is welded with the terminal to ensure reliable measurement
Load curve compensation mechanism to ensure flat characteristic curve
Simple and reliable adjustment mechanisms
Unidirectional type register or reverse running stopper is available upon request
Technical Date
Applicable standards IEC62053-11,IEC60521,Bs5685
Power loss Less than 1W/5VA
Accuracy Class2
Outline dimension LWH 182124114mm
Installation dimension LW 140106mm
Weight of meter 1.3kg

Voltage range 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
Reference frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Current range:
Transformer operated meters
Direct connected meters
CT/5A:1.5(6), 2.5(10)A, 5(20), 5(30), 10(40),
10(60), 15(60), 15(100), 20(80), 30(100)A