DDS 28u

Single-phase Static Multi-function PLC Meter
DDS28u single-phase electronic multi-functio n PLC wat t-hour me ter is designed to measure household electric energy with time-of-use(TOU)function. The meter realizes AMR and remote load control by infrared or PLC communication. With built-in relay and anti-tampering function, this meter is an ideal choice for residential electricity users.

Basic function
LCD Display
Bi-directional TOU active energy measurement
Pulse LED indicates working of meter
Pluse output with optical coupling isolation
Energy frozen daily and monthly
Demand measurement
Infrared and PLC communication
Anti-tampering function
Over load alarm
Built-in relay

Optional function
Event log
Synchronizing clock time adjustment
Clock temperature compensation
Failure alarm
Technical Date
Applicable standards IEC 62053-21
Accuracy class Class 1
Working temperature -30~+65
Working voltage range 0.7~1.2Un
Clock accuracy Error less than 0.5s/day
Power loss Less than 2W or 10VA
Outline dimension LMH 16411271mm
Installation dimension LM 14096mm
Weight Approx.0.7kg

Rated voltage(V) 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
Reference frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Basic current
(Maximum current)A
2.5(10) 5(20) 10(40) 20(80)
2.5(15) 5(30) 10(60) 20(100)
Other customized specifications