High voltage operating rod/hot stick

Application: Suitable for high voltage isolating switch out operating.
Feature: Th e head of the operating lever is one shape. If other head style is required, please make out. The connection is screwed type,with inner 30 insulated rod
Material: Expoxy

Name Model QTY Packing Size
HOT STICK JTL-3 3m 10kV 10 sets/pcs 3030120cm
JTL-4 4m35kV 10 sets/pcs 3030120cm
JTL-5 5m 35kV 10 sets/pcs 3030120cm
JTL-45 3 sections 4m 35kV 10 sets/pcs 3030160cm
JTL-6 4 sections 6m 110kV 10 sets/pcs 3030160cm
JTL 1m Middle section 10 sets/pcs 3030120cm
JTL 1.5m Middle section 40 bars 3030160cm