Adjustable High voltage operating rod/hot stick

Feature: The head of the operating lever is one shape. If other head style is required, please make out. The connection is adjustable,with outside joint.

Name Model QTY Packing Size
HOT STICK JT-3 3m 10kV 20 sets/pcs 3030120cm
JT-4 4m 35kV 20 sets/pcs 3030140cm
JT-45 3 sections 4.5m 35kV 20 sets/pcs 3030165cm
JT-6 4 sections 6m 110kV 10 sets/pcs 3030175cm
JT-75 4 sections 7.5m 110kV 10 sets/pcs 3030175cm
JT-95 6sections 9.5m 220kV 5 sets/pcs 3030175cm
JT-105 7sections 10.5m 500kV 5 sets/pcs 3030175cm