H.V. earthing wire and rod with earthing pin

Earthing rods are matched with earthing wires and earthing pin or earth clamp to form a complete set. Application: Suitable for making power failed equipments or temporary short-circuited lines grounded, preventing unexpected power to intrude in and do damage to personnel and equipments

Name Model QTY
H.V.earthing rod JT-1201 1m 10kV 15 units/pcs
JT-1215 1.5m 35kV 10 units/pcs
L.V.earthing wire JT-1201 1m/4 bars 0.4kV 10 units/pcs
JT-121 1m/5 bars 0.4kV 10 units/pcs
JT-1205 0.5m/4 bars 0.4kV 10 units/pcs
JT-125 0.5m/5 bars 0.4kV 10 units/pcs
H.V.earthing rod JT-1201T 1m 10kV 252 1.5 3+10.5 5 sets/pcs
JT-1215T 1.5m 35kV 252 1.5 3+13.5 5 sets/pcs
L.V.earthing wire JT-1201T 1m/4 bars 0.4kV 5 sets/pcs
JT-121T 1m/5 bars 0.4kV 5 sets/pcs
JT-1205T 0.5m/4 bars 0.4kV 5 sets/pcs
JT-125T 0.5m/5 bars 0.4kV 5 sets/pcs