11kv series heat shrinkable cable accessories

item mode& specification The applicable cable specition
1-core joints JSY-11/1.1 25-50
JSY-11/1.2 70-120
JSY-11/1.3 150-240
JSY-11/1.4 300-400
3-core joints JSY-11/3.1 25-50
JSY-11/3.2 70-120
JSY-11/3.3 150-240
JSY-11/3.4 300-400
Oil-immersed 1-core joints JSZ-11/1.1 50-120
JSZ-11/1.2 25-50
JSZ-11/1.3 150-240
JSZ-11/1.4 300-400
Oil-immersed 3-core joints JSZ-11/3.1 25-50
JSZ-11/3.2 70-120
JSZ-11/3.3 150-240
JSZ-11/3.4 300-400

Injecting shaping the liquid slilicon rubber,having shrink presssure for the cable conductor,respire with cable together,low partial discharging.
Using water-proof insulatiing tape recover the inner and outer protecting shed,sealed well.
USing special armour for outer protecting,installed conveniently.
Suitabel for6-35kv silicon rubber insulating cable interconnecting,can be used in mine shaft or underwater,etc bad surroundings.